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Back to the future; G&J Hall tapping into history

When eminent Sheffield Architect Andrew Shepherd approached Ridgeway Forge last year with a bag of greasy 180 year old engineering components, little did we know what a fascinating project was in hand. The College of Arms in London has stood … Continue reading

Lydia takes her big smile with her

Lydia Hamilton came to G&J Hall looking for some work experience to compliment her AAT studies.  She has spent 5 months with the team and in that time has been a great help undertaking a wide variety of tasks, mainly … Continue reading

The POWERBOR® range of electromagnetic drilling machines offer the Engineer a totally flexible choice of equipment for quick, efficient and accurate metal cutting either on site or in the workshop.

Powerbor Cutting Tools

Offering improved wear resistance, longer machine life and enhanced cutting tool life.

Drill arbors, chucks, adaptors, countersinks and accessories for Powerbor® electromagnetic drilling machines

Conecut® HSS Sheet and Tube Drills / Multicut® HSS Step Drills / Hexibit quick change tools for Power Drills and Screwdrivers / Bradrad® drills and deburring for industrial applications

Ground thread taps / Split circular dies / Counterbores / Countersinks / Hexibit: reamers, rethreaders, deburrers for Power Drills

Ground thread taps / Hexagon dienuts / Cased sets / Ratchet levers and spanners / Handiburr rethreaders, deburrers, chamferrers, hole enlargers / Miscellaneous engineers tools

A range of specialist tools designed for the professional Electrician