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Steeler Dan gives Russ Moyers shirt to Dave Thiel

At the recent Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils game (Steelers winning a fantastic game 4-3 in overtime with Rob Dowd hitting a late winner) David Thiel our Powerbor Product Manager received a Russ Moyer shirt from Steeler Dan.

Powerbor PB70/2 and PB70FRV bring real versatility to the workshop or onsite.

We have remodelled the former PB70 into the PB70 FRV. This exercise involved making the front panel less cluttered and more ergonomic, the speed and torque controls are now placed on the drill unit so they can be accessed during … Continue reading


Bradrad® precision tools drill and deburr from 1/4" to 4", or 5.5 to 100mm diameter, in material thicknesses up to 10mm.

Designed for industrial applications, each step produces accurate, parallel holes with a small clearance on the nominal diameter. It positively deburrs the entry side as the hole is drilled, and if the work can be reversed, both sides.

One ‘S’ Type Bradrad® can drill eleven different diameters, while the ‘A’ Type can drill nine.

The Bradrad® can be adapted for use on CNC machines.

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Bradrad S-Type ‘S’ Type Bradrad® drills are used to machine a wide variety of materials and for many different applications. No pilot hole is required, and good quality deburred holes are produced with minimum of fuss using a bench drill or light pedestal drilling machine.

S Type Specifications

Bradrad A Type‘A’ Type (HSS Cobalt) Bradrad® drills incorporate a detachable centre drill and the first diameter is produced by a smooth trepanning action. Thereafter, the ‘A’ Type drills from step to step until the required diameter is achieved. The initial trepanning action produces a disc which must be removed before commencing the next hole.

A Type Specifications

Bradrad B Type‘B’ Type (HSS Cobalt) Bradrad® drills incorporate a detachable centre drill, and the first diameter is produced by an ‘end milling’ action which ensures the rapid penetration of steel plate or structural steel supports.

B Type Specifications

Bradrad F Type‘F’ Type (HSS Cobalt) Bradrad® drills require a pilot hole which can be produced by an ‘A’ or ‘B’ Type Bradrad®, some other drilling method or even by flame cutting.

F Type Specifications

Bradrad Special Application SawborerSPECIAL APPLICATION | SAWBORER (HSS Cobalt)

Sawborer Bradrad® drills have been developed for opening out bores of tungsten carbide tipped circulaw saw blades with a hardness up to 42Rc. The tool itself is made from cobalt steel and hardened to ensure maximum life between grinds.

Sawborer Specifications


A range of sizes specially designed for work with conduits.

Electrical specifications


BP1 - for drilling the clearance holes for BSP fittings in material up to 5mm thick. BP2 - for drilling the core holes for BSP threads in material up to 5mm thick.

Pipe Tools Specification


PG Bradrad® drills are made from high speed steel for use in pedestal drills or industrial hand drills. Each hole is automatically deburred by the cutting edge of the next step. Detachable centre drill for easy regrind. PG 21 & PG 29 for drilling the clearance holes for PG fittings in material up to 3mm thick. PGT for drilling core holes for PG threads in material up to 5mm thick.

PG Type Specifications

  • Steel fabricators and engineers - to replace punches and dies, and milling and trepanning on short-run or prototype work, particularly where material is over 1/16" thick
  • Jig and tool makers
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Car body repairs
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers and gas fitters