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Steeler Dan gives Russ Moyers shirt to Dave Thiel

At the recent Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils game (Steelers winning a fantastic game 4-3 in overtime with Rob Dowd hitting a late winner) David Thiel our Powerbor Product Manager received a Russ Moyer shirt from Steeler Dan.

Powerbor PB70/2 and PB70FRV bring real versatility to the workshop or onsite.

We have remodelled the former PB70 into the PB70 FRV. This exercise involved making the front panel less cluttered and more ergonomic, the speed and torque controls are now placed on the drill unit so they can be accessed during … Continue reading

Conecut® high speed steel sheet and tube drills

The most versatile hole-cutting tool for rapid drilling and enlarging holes in thin materials up to 14 gauge. Designed for industrial applications, the diameter of the hole increases as the CONECUT® is advanced into the material, providing infinitely variable sizes.

For use in sheet steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Formica and plywood.

For imperial/metric, unless otherwise specified, Conecut® with a steam tempered blue surface treatment, which is advantageous in many applications will be supplied. However, should it be required, all imperial/metric tools can be supplied with bright ground finish on body and paint.

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Conecut Metric The most comprehensive range of Drills for all applications. Below is listed our current standard stock range - please enquire for other sizes. When drilling metals always use cutting compound - available in 30cc, 60cc and 1/2 kilo sizes.

Metric / Imperial Specifications

Conecut TiN CoatedTitanium Nitride Coated

Prolongs tool life and reduces torque. Resists wear and abrasion while reducing pick-up along the cutting edge. Lower friction results in higher drilling speeds.

TiN Specifications

Conecut TrepanningVariable sizes of larger diameters can be drilled without the need for a pre-drilled hole, with a smooth multi-flute action ensuring that clean round holes are produced.

For drilling or enlarging holes in ferrous and non-ferrous material up to 2mm thick.

Trepanning Specifications

Conecut Single Hole SizeFor drilling holes of one diameter. Our product page will list the current standard stock sizes - please enquire for other diameters

Single Hole Size Specifications

Conecut RustproofingUsed to produce the holes required for the rustproofing treatment of motor vehicles. Sizes coincide with plastic plugs inserted after injection of protective fluid.

Rustproofing Specifications

Conecut ElectriciansThe perfect electricians cutting tool for rapid drilling and enlarging holes in thin material up to 2mm.

The diameter of the hole increases as the Conecut® advances into the material.

Clearly marked at 20mm and25mm, introducing a new collar feature that defines the 25mm dia and stops the tool following through the hole.

Electricians Specifications

Plastic wallet containing Conecut® tools and 30cc pot of special cutting compound
Plastic Wallet SetsConecut Kit Plastic Wallet

Metal cassette containing Conecut® tools and 30cc pot of special cutting compound.
Metal SetsConecut Kit Metal Cassette

Conecut Cutting CompoundHelps maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge. Lubricity reduces torque and prevents undesirable material build up on the tool. Suitable for other metal cutting operations - thread cutting, normal drilling.


Cutting Compound

  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Shopfitting Installations Etc.
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Control Panels
  • Sheet Metalwork Etc.
  • Maintenance