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Steeler Dan gives Russ Moyers shirt to Dave Thiel

At the recent Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils game (Steelers winning a fantastic game 4-3 in overtime with Rob Dowd hitting a late winner) David Thiel our Powerbor Product Manager received a Russ Moyer shirt from Steeler Dan.

Powerbor PB70/2 and PB70FRV bring real versatility to the workshop or onsite.

We have remodelled the former PB70 into the PB70 FRV. This exercise involved making the front panel less cluttered and more ergonomic, the speed and torque controls are now placed on the drill unit so they can be accessed during … Continue reading



A superb range of precision made tools for rethreading, deburring, chamfering or enlarging holes.

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Handiburr ChamferbitHandiburr® Chamferbits are made from High Speed Steel. The 3-Flute design provides a positive cutting action for chamfering or deburring holes in metals, plastics or wood. The end of tubes can also be deburred.


Pipe ReamerHandiburr® Pipe Reamers are made from quality Tool Steel. They can be used to deburr all types of tube and pipe or any holes within the size range. Particularly suitable for electrical conduit tube, 15mm and 22mm copper pipe. Removes tabs on ‘knockout’ boxes. Safer, quicker and more effective than filing or other methods.

Pipe Reamers

Taper ReamerHandiburr® Taper Reamers are made from quality Tool Steel. They are designed for finishing or repairing holes in panels, sheet metal or any other thin materials. Ideal for opening out holes while maintaining concentricity and circularity.

Taper Reamer

Micro Drill ReamerHandiburr® Micro Drill Reamers are precision ground from High Speed Steel. The 2-flute design enables both piercing and opening out of small holes in printed circuit board, shim etc. Ideally suited for the hobby enthusiast.

Micro Drill Reamer

RethreaderHandiburr® Rethreaders are based on a High Speed Steel Tap permanently fitted with a handle. They are designed principally for cleaning out the fixing holes in socket-switch or conduit-boxes, as these often have malformed threads or are blocked by plaster or cement.


Long Reach RethreaderOne of the handiest tools in any tool box the Handiburr® Long Reach Rethreader makes light work of plaster, cement or paint filled threads in socket boxes and switch boxes. You can rely on getting a clean and quick fixing from this great little tool.

Long Reach Rethreader