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Steeler Dan gives Russ Moyers shirt to Dave Thiel

At the recent Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils game (Steelers winning a fantastic game 4-3 in overtime with Rob Dowd hitting a late winner) David Thiel our Powerbor Product Manager received a Russ Moyer shirt from Steeler Dan.

Powerbor PB70/2 and PB70FRV bring real versatility to the workshop or onsite.

We have remodelled the former PB70 into the PB70 FRV. This exercise involved making the front panel less cluttered and more ergonomic, the speed and torque controls are now placed on the drill unit so they can be accessed during … Continue reading

HSS Hexibit® Shank

The innovative HEXIBIT® concept offers the most comprehensive range of step drills, taper drills, countersinks, hole type deburring cutters, drill reamers, taps and core drills. No powertool is complete without the efficient and versatile advantages of the HEXIBIT® kit.

The system allows quick tool change in drill chucks, hexagon adaptors and handle sockets, saving time and increasing efficiency. The 1/4" hexagon shank on all products results in a non-slip positive drive.

HEXIBIT® products are manufactured from High Speed Steel and are suitable for use in mains and cordless power drills or screwdrivers.

  • Quick tool change in drill chuck, hexagon adapter or handle socket
  • 1/4" hexagon shank on all HEXIBIT® products provides non-slip, positive drive
  • Suitable for use in mains and cordless power drills, screwdrivers or pedestal drills
  • Manufactured from High Speed Steel

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For drilling holes in ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to 5mm thick.
Step DrillsHexibit Step Drills

For drilling holes in ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to 2mm thick.
Sheet and Tube DrillsHexibit Sheet and Tube Drills

Single hole size sheet and tube drills.
Single Hole Size DrillsHexibit Single Hole Size Drills

Core Drills
Hexibit Core Drills

Hexibit Drill

Soft Grip Handle
Hexibit Softgrip Handle

Socket adaptors for Hexibits®
Magnetic AdaptorHexibit Mag Adaptor

Hexibit Kits
Hexibit Kit